2018 Workshops

January 8thMandy/Diana'Poetry is ...'
February 5thPaul Ward'On the Move'
March 5thJackie Wills'Verandah poems'
April 9thGillie Reid'The Muses'
May 7thJanet Sutherland'Narrative Poetry'
June 4thVal Bridge'Factual Images in a Slant of Light'
July 2ndDavid Slade'You must remember this'
August 6thNo meeting butNo meeting but probably a read-round lunch at Littlehampton on a Sunday
September 3rdLawrence Long'Danish Poetry'
October 1stJohn Davies'Ancient and Modern'
November 5thCamilla Lambert'Taking a different point of View'
December 3rdMembers choiceMembers choice